Air Quality Solutions in Temple Texas

Virtually any amount of mold growth in your Temple home, apartment, school, or medical facility may be dangerous to the health of all of the members of your home or business. Mold may also cause major structural damages which can reduce your commercial or residential property’s resale price considerably. Additionally, in the event that you do not totally remove the mold in your residential or commercial property, it will certainly be a continuous issue. Fortuitously, the experts at Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Temple possess the knowledge, expertise, and cutting edge techniques to discover and eradicate any mold growth in your house or apartment.

Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Temple, an Temple air quality company will definitely help you identify just how much mold resides in your residential property, exactly where it’s established, and the root cause of the growth. Then, the Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Temple will help you guarantee that your business, house, condo, or apartment is as mold free as feasible.


Our Mold Inspection Process

  • Catstrong Mold Inspection and Removal Temple has hands-on practical experience in addition to extensive education and training.
  • Pinpoint moisture sources
  • Always keep the damage contained inside the smallest area possible
  • Physically remediate the contaminants
  • Help prevent further mold growth from happening
  • Propose or execute the proper treatments for restoring your home or business to a pre-loss damage state

Outdoor Air Testing

Outdoor air testing by independent third party inspectors will employ sample the outside as a baselin. If mold spores exist in high concentrations outside your property, they will end up indoors, so even though an indoor air sample can show mold existence in your business or home, we’ll recognize that it is not developing in your condo, apartment, building, or house. Alternatively, if there is a considerably greater quantity of mold in your residential property than outside, that will suggest that mold is growing in your home or apartment.

Indoor Air Testing

Third party independent mold inspectors will use customized instruments and devices to sample the air in various locations in your busienss or home and identify precisely the location mold lies and creating the most issues. We will find everywhere mold exists in your Temple residential or commercial property. We will team up with you to figure out the best possible remedies.